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The 2024 First Horizon Award finalists have been announced prior to the Eric Hoffer Award grand prize for "best new voice", and I'm so proud that "A View Through The Fog" has emerged as one of the 56 finalists for the award.

  For more info and complete list of finalists click below:


"Read one of the most well written books of the past decade, maybe longer!

Much like the Golden Gate Bridge is an art deco masterpiece, Bob McGee's book "A View Through The Fog" is itself an incredibly well written piece of art. His story is the Bridge's story".

KEVIN HINES - 2X Bestselling Author, Golden Gate Bridge Jump Survivor, and Suicide Prevention Advocate


A View Through The Fog is compelling, poignant, and packed with both moving and hilarious anecdotes. Dozens of unique illustrations included in this award-winning book add to the reading experience. All human life (and death) is here. With his own distinct voice, McGee opens the door on the dizzying world of the Golden Gate Bridge - the beauty of both nature and the bridge itself, the camaraderie and friction with colleagues, and the devastating tragedies of suicide jumpers. He brings an entire community to the page with a thought-provoking and richly observed memoir that will resonate with many readers.


The motive for writing this book is love of his subject. Writers don't often have personal insight about the world they are trying to describe. This was obviously not the case with McGee, and this book succeeds in describing this world he knows so well in a way that gives the readers the feeling they are on the main cable with him.

LITERARY TITAN Critic Review of "A View Through The Fog"

"Dive deep into the world of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge with an unprecedented perspective – through the eyes of someone who spent 12 riveting years working on its majestic span.

From the outset, the author captivatingly recounts the meticulous selection process he underwent, earning him a coveted position amongst a handful of fortunate individuals chosen to work on this architectural marvel during its formative years. His narrative style is immersive; he paints scenes so vividly that readers might feel they're standing right beside him, absorbing the sights, sounds, and sensations of the bridge.


Every brush of the wind, the embrace of the morning fog, and the occasional warming touch of sunlight are rendered with such finesse that they transport you directly to those very moments. Beyond the physical experiences, the author delves into the intricate fabric of interpersonal relationships that evolved on the bridge – colleagues who transformed into family and bonds that transcended the boundaries of a mere workplace.


However, it's not all sunlit tales. The narrative also courageously addresses the somber issue of suicides linked to the Golden Gate Bridge. The author's first-hand accounts of such tragic events are heart-wrenching but equally informative as he sheds light on the preventive measures introduced over the years.


Readers will be treated to behind-the-scenes revelations – from hidden nooks where workers sought reprieve to the challenges and encounters that make this job far from ordinary. As he chronicles the evolution of working conditions on the bridge, there's a palpable sense of nostalgia for the bygone days.


For those intrigued by the nexus of mental health and iconic architecture, A View Through the Fog offers a deep exploration. Prepare to see the Golden Gate Bridge in a light you've never imagined".

My Book Loves Attention

This is a great collection of stories about Bob's unique experiences with the Bridge and his co-workers. His chapters on suicides and near-suicides touches the heart. He has a marvelous connection with the Bridge, and his writings make the reader love it as he has.


Historian, Author, and Copy Editor for the Argonaut, Journal of San Francisco Historical Society.

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